Une pratique basée sur la danse créative et la méthode Feldenkrais.

Accompagnement suite à une opération lors du cancer du sein

Témoignage écrit, 2004 - Genève. Pratique de Mara Vinadia.

« A friend recommended me to Mara and Feldenkrais work when I was not having success with regular physiotherapy. The capsule around my shoulder articulation had contracted following surgery for breast cancer and lymph node sampling on the left side, followed by three rounds of chemotherapy.
I experienced intense pain in the shoulder and arm and had severely limited range of motion on that side of the body. I could not lie on my side or carry anything with the left hand without causing severe discomfort or pain. I could not touch the top of my head with my left arm, nor lie on either side of my body or my stomach to rest.

I had been seeing a traditional physiotherapist two to three times weekly for three months with very limited improvement in the arm. Finally I had an appointment with a rheumatologist whose only recommendation was a set of steroids taken orally and nasally in combination. I was told that it would take a year to a year and a half before my arm would return to normal functioning, if I were lucky.

Mara contracted with me for an initial six sessions in which she worked with not only my shoulder and arm but with my total body to help integrate new movement. Each week my range of motion increased and the pain decreased.

After six sessions I had significant increase in my range of motion and that has continued to increase even though I now have appointments only every 3 weeks.

Currently, I rarely have pain and feel I have enough range of motion to do anything I need to do in my daily life.

I am pleased and impressed with the work and the progress I have made. I can recommend Mara and Feldenkrais highly because I have experienced the benefits first hand.

Debra Dela, February 27, 2004, Geneva. »


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CeMaVi oeuvre dans le domaine de l’apprentissage de la conscience de soi par le mouvement. Dans le champ des pratiques somatiques, CeMaVi propose une synthèse unique de la méthode Feldenkrais et de la danse créative.

Des activités de CeMaVi se déroulent à Genève en Suisse romande. Le centre CeMaVi est en cours d’implantation en Drôme provençale, dans le département 26, en région Rhône-Alpes en France.

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